\500- per 1pack
( mixed 10 cels about over 5 shows in a pack at random)
That value has from \1,500 at least to \20,000 at maximum.

The below is show lists in a pack.
・Hajime-no-ippo ・Legend of white whale ・Da!Da!Da! ・Moncolle-knight ・YAT-anshin ・You are under arrested ・Elhazard ・Tenchimuyo ・Battle-athletes ・Momoiro-sisters ・Boy friend ・Gasaraki ・Shin-Hakkenden ・Z-mine ・Landlock ・Psybuster ・Buggiepop ・etc.....

When you order it, please read the below.

We have started to sell the cels, goods and so on for overseas in direct.
You can pay by PayPal.
We are very sorry not to accept any stamps for payment.

If your ordered is over 20,000yen, you need more money for insurance fee.
In case of that, you need more 50yen per 20,000.

Please never send any money to us before we send it to you.
We do not care any accident about that.

Please fill in an application form.
After we receive your order, we tell you about total price including
postage and insurance fee.
Then, please send your money to us.
We are looking forward to ordering fom you soon.


Please remind payment for your order.
If you do not pay until 2weeks since you order,
we never sell them to you again.
Also if you cancel that, we do same way for you.
Please be careful about that.


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You can use PayPal for your Payment.

If your order is under 10,000 yen
when you pay themoney by paypal,
we need more 500 yen for paypal fee.
Please be careful about that when you order.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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